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#PrayForNepal: Have you hugged your loved ones today?

April 29, 2015

Salam Alaikum,

Late last week, the world woke up to the somber news of a deadly 7.9 earthquake, that rattled up the core of the mountainous kingdom of Nepal, and its neighboring countries. As I write this, more than 4000 lives have been lost, and property worth billions is now in smithereens. 

Living not too far from the epicenter of this massive earthquake are my own aging parents, who felt several tremors and aftershocks. Somehow, the thought of knowing that your parents are vulnerable, compounds the Richter scale exponentially when there is a distance of two continents between us. 

Mother's Day may be a gentle nudge for most of us to acknowledge and appreciate our parents, our moms in particular; but sometimes, Allah SWT, in his infinite wisdom, sends us a real jolt to spring us into action and take into account of what truly matters.  

If your parents are by you, hug them long, and hold them tight. Let them know how much they mean to you. Take them out to dinner, buy them a gift, or make them laugh. I know I would have loved to be by mine right now.

Let us not waste a single opportunity to make dua for the most precious people in our lives; the ones who gave birth to us, took care of us when we were young, and made sacrifices to enable us to become who we are today. 

'O Allah, ease the pain of the victims of this horrific disaster, and replace their loss with something better. Keep our parents and families safe, and under your protection at all times. Ameen.'

- Iman Khan is a Kaamilah sister, mother of three, and owner of Kashkha Canada.

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