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My First Qur'an Activity Book

An interactive board book that teaches your child about stories from the Qur'an while they play. There are 6 spreads with 6 different activities and stories. Each activity is interactive and engaging. The book is made of thick cardboard to withstand little toddler hands. Pieces are magnetic and can be turned and twisted without breaking. In addition the book has laminated glossy pages with bright colors to keep your child engaged! 

Stories Included:- 
Prophet Nuh's (AS) Ark
Prophet Yusuf' (AS) dream
Prophet Muhammad (AS) and the spider
Bibi Hajra (AS) and Zam Zam 
Prophet Hud (AS) and the cave
Prophet Yunus (AS) and the whale 

The activities include:

Shadow matching to help hand eye coordination.
Complete the picture to help stimulate free play.
Puzzles to help work on logic.
Shoe lace practice to build fine motor skills.

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