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Artisan Soap - Honey Oatmeal

Net Wt.: 4.5 oz

Imagine a delectably rich golden ribbon of honey drizzled into your favorite soap with soothing oatmeal to soften the rough spots...A sweet bliss!

Specially formulated for a moisturizing cleansing bar. Made with skin-loving oils to love all your curves. Produces a bursting bubbly lather.

Simply lather in the palms of your hand with some water. Then apply to body, hands or which ever part is demanding some attention and pampering. Avoid getting in the eyes. Rinse. Pat Dry. Smile.

To increase the life of your bar, keep dry between uses.

It is recommended to carry a patch test prior to first use to avoid reactions.
If rash appears, discontinue use.

Collections: Beauty

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