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Ramadan Good Deed Tree

Looking for ways to get your children involved and make Ramadan a time for fun and learning? 

The Ramadan Good Deed Tree is essentially an activity where by children complete a predetermined good deed each day of Ramadan. The deeds are based on age group (2-4 years, 5-7 years, and 8-12 years) and are based on the following themes sharing with others, helping out, doing something nice for someone, learning about deen - all of which make us well-rounded Muslims.
The Ramadan Good Deed Tree is a 14” x 26” poster that you can put up on the wall, the fridge, bedroom door - anywhere you can see it often. Based on your child’s age, you get a sheet of 36 leaves (33 preprinted with good deeds and 3 blank) that you cut out. Each day of Ramadan, you and your kiddo can pick a good deed that they will strive to complete. Once the deed has been completed, they can add it to their tree. By the time Ramadan is over, they have a tree full of good deeds, have established good habits, feel a sense of accomplishment, and at the same time they have made a  lot of beautiful memories. 
Through this activity, we are seeking to engage our children during Ramadan, and what is a better way to do that then to encourage them to do good deeds? After all good deeds are multiplied during this month. 
Product specs:
  •  Leaves are based of age group. The colour of the leaves is customized by age group:
- 2-4 years: red, orange and green
- 5-7 years: blue, purple and green
- 8-12 years: blue, purple and grey
  • Poster of the tree is 14" x 26"
  • Sticky tack is provided for sticking the leaves on the tree.

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